The Academy and the Uniform

The 8 Undeniable Benefits of the Uniform

  1. Create a sense of belonging.
  2. Encourage team spirit.
  3. Even the playing field (by eliminating social class distinctions in appearance).
  4. Enhance the security level (by facilitating the identification of intruders).
  5. Decrease disciplinary action required from parents and teachers (manage the dress code).
  6. Discourage indecent behaviour.
  7.  Reduce violence.
  8. Improve the image of the academy.

Our Academic Uniform

At Thinking Words Academy we believe that a smart and tidy appearance is very important for all of our pupils, particularly in preparing them for the expectations of future employers and the world of work.

We would like all our pupils and parents to appreciate the part that uniform plays in contributing to the ethos and learning environment of the Academy.

Our uniform promotes a strong, cohesive, TWA identity that supports high standards and a sense of identity among pupils:

it seeks to support integration, equality and cohesion amongst Pupils.

We expect all TWA pupils to take pride in their appearance and to remember that they are ambassadors for their Academy.