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Yes, pupils can start at any date throughout the year. New pupils usually start on Mondays.

There is an average of 12 students per class

* This document should only be used as a reference and not a justification for level placements. Please check the Academy’s Application Process page for more information.

The Thinking Words Academy is open to all children from ages 3 – 18.

  • Seniors begin at 8h15 and ends at 16h00 (KS3/KS4/Sixth forms)
  • Juniors begin at 8h15 and ends at 16h00 (KS1/KS2)
  • Nursery / EYFS begins at 9h00 and ends at 16h00 Monday to Thursday. Friday ends at 12h00.

Yes, all pupils from Reception year up to Year 9 are required to wear the Academy uniform.

KS4 and Sixth form pupils are allowed the privilege of wearing their own clothes whilst respecting the academy dress code.

Sixth Form and Key Stage 4 Dress Code

Sixth Form and KS4 pupils are expected to support the academy by wearing ‘approved business attire’ smartly and in the spirit of the business environment. Sixth Formers and KS4 are role models for younger pupils and the way they dress is very important to the whole academy community. Expectations are based around the type of clothes and appearance that would be accepted in the workplace.

No. We welcome many non-native English speakers to the TWA. There is no English language requirement for pupils until KS1 (Year 1). Higher levels, however, will require taking a test to enable to academy to place pupils at the level that best suits them and determine the type of additional help that would be required.

Yes. In order to make your visit informative and useful, please make an appointment with us beforehand. We are unable to meet visitors without prior appointment.

  • Committed teachers with high expectations of pupils
  • Adherence to the ideal of an all-round education
  • Keeping pupils challenged and interested in learning
  • Personalised programmes of support
  • Small class sizes
  • “The teachers really want to help you”
  • “The music teacher Miss Isabelle”
  • “Happy atmosphere”
  • “Great outings”
  • “It’s cool to do well here”

We have a mix of expat and Moroccan nationals in both teaching and leadership positions. The teaching staff is highly qualified.

No, all applicants, regardless of nationality and status, must complete the application process and clear the admission assessment/interaction before they can be admitted.

The age criterion is clearly defined in the Equivalence document and is followed for all admission applications.

The cut-off age date for all year groups is 1 September. However, the school reserves the right to place an applicant in the year it deems appropriate.

You may make the payment using bank transfer, cash or cheque after submitting the registration form. Registration is not considered complete until the payment has been received. Bank charges may apply for this transaction.

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